WSG Energy Services offer emission prevention and control benefits through a range of integrated and managed solutions.

Who We Are

WSG Energy Services

Operating the most advanced fleets of equipment in the industry, WSG provides an unrivalled range of innovative and technical solutions that reduce emissions and assist our customers in achieving success in the transition to a net zero world.

Our aim is a socially and environmentally responsible business that drives technology and innovation and develops and supports our global teams of industry-leading experts and skilled technicians.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, we have multiple sites of operational excellence based in the UK and worldwide.

Best In Class

Innovation & Investment

We pride ourselves on understanding our customers and their business.

WSG is committed to combining our best-in-class knowledge with an innovative approach, utilising teamwork, and dedication to deliver quality services resulting in unmatched customer satisfaction.

We continue to move the business forward through constant investment in our personnel and equipment to deliver the highest service standards.

It is our passion to constantly drive WSG Energy Services forward into new markets worldwide, expand our business to new areas and continuously innovate to bring added value and improved efficiency of service delivery to our customers.

What We Do

WSG operates across multiple industrial sectors, including LNG, Refining, FPSO, Pipeline, Infrastructure, Mining, Decommissioning and Offshore/Marine.