Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Industrial Services

Our range of specialist cleaning equipment for Internal and External Bundle Cleaning is designed to achieve the required standard of cleaning in the minimum possible time.

WSG Energy Services own and operate industry leading specialist heat exchanger cleaning equipment.

Our Internal Bundle Cleaner (IBC) features an automated 5 lance internal jetting system, delivering consistent travel of each tube and is designed to clean large numbers of bundles during turnarounds, significantly increasing operation efficiency.
Its five lances can be operated safely and easily from the cabin, which offers protection against high pressure and contamination. Additionally, the IBC is equipped with multiple safety systems, including emergency stops and a hydraulic lock that engages when the lances enter a tube, ensuring that the equipment operates safely at all times.

  • Electrically driven
  • Semi-automatic and remotely controlled

WSG’s Outside Bundle Cleaner (OBC-C) is an efficient, reliable and safe bundle cleaner designed to handle even the dirtiest bundles, significantly improving operational efficiency.
Electrically driven, our automated external exchanger bundle cleaner, features a fully remote operation.
Cleaning with high pressure (HP) and ultra-high pressure (UHP) water jetting techniques from its multi-axis heads.
Providing a safe working environment for the operator, with all functions controlled from the cabin, including the optional hydraulic rollers.

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