Quality, health, safety and environmental protection is of critical concern in the delivery of all WSG services. Our centrally managed and regionally resourced QHSE personnel ensure procedures and policies meet the highest possible standards to ensure our teams provide efficient, safe service delivery.
The assurance of quality, health, safety and environmental protection is constantly taken into account in the total work scope of our services. Continuously improving our QHSE performance is a declared management objective, and it is effectuated every day, day after day. With all necessary procedures in place, we take care of our colleagues and the people working with us. In addition to having a competence management system, we also value good mentoring for our (new) employees. We do not only promote quality, safety and environmental awareness, we believe in it. On our projects, in our offices and at our base facilities, we deliver quality work in a safe environment for all our employees, clients, suppliers and subcontractors. We ensure our equipment to meet defined specifications, create and maintain a safe working environment and reduce the impact of our activities to the environment in line with international QHSE standards. By providing support at the start of and during every project, the QHSE department proactively minimises risks at source, optimises safety performance where possible and supports improvement at the client’s worksite as well as within our base facilities. Our QHSE management system is approved and certified according to:- ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, VCA and SCC. Additionally we are Achilles Global Energy certified, and we adhere to the generally accepted standards in our industry.


United Kingdom

Gary Hopkin

Group QHSE Manager

Normanton, UK

Phone +44 1924 898250

Email ghopkin@wsgenergyservices.com