Catalyst Discharge & Loading

Industrial Services

WSG Energy Services offer a range of catalyst services, working to strict quality control procedures to maintain optimum catalyst conditions.

WSG Energy Services can provide a catalyst charging and discharging service for all aspects of industry.

Our techniques and quality control procedures result in minimum breakage and attrition of catalyst during handling, whilst ensuring that material is loaded precisely to the required customer specification.

This critical and specialised work demands the highest level of expertise and we have the equipment, experience and workforce to deliver this highly specialised service.

Our range of catalyst services include:

Loading and unloading of fixed bed reactors
Loading and unloading of tubular reactors
Vacuum unloading
Wet unloading and reloading
Sock loading
Dense loading
Pneumatic loading
Soft Flow low attrition loading and unloading
Catalyst transport



Andrew Manning

Managing Director Australia


Phone +61 400 485032


United Kingdom

Sam Snaith

Strategic Director Industrial Services

Immingham, UK

Phone +44 1469 574888