Project Solutions


Our Project Solutions offer Management Services as an iPMT – Integrated Project Management Team.

Much of our success is due to our ability to engage in fast deployment of approved teams to worldwide locations at short notice.

One thing we know from our experience is that there is no such thing as a normal project.

Each project has its own unique challenges and drivers, with unexpected new ones along the path of execution.

Our management procedures, processes and tools prepare the project to meet and deal with these issues without a detrimental effect on Safety, Quality, Cost or Schedule. Our delivery management expertise has represented EPCI Contractor, Client, Owner, Operator and stakeholders. We have covered multiple Shipyards and Module fabrication Yards in Asia – China, S Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia and in Europe – UK, Holland, Germany, N Ireland, Spain & Norway.


We have decades experience in the design and delivery of niche areas of SAS, PCS & ESD Systems and SCADA Systems using GE, Honeywell & Yokogawa products.

Project Carry Over Work

The ideal for a project is to have 100% onshore commissioning completed prior to departure. This commissioning may not be able to be completed due to restrictions and delays and is forced into a voyage, carry over port, or an on-station liquidation plan, which could involve a walk-to-work, ferried, or heli workforce methods for timely completion.

We have experience in coordinating the logistics, planning and resources of several projects, to safely complete the scope as an integrated Project to Operations team.


With approximately 75% typically of tagged and maintainable items of equipment coming from the selected project Vendors, it is especially important to get this aligned with project quality standards and goals.

We offer dedicated in-person Vendor Attendance for FAT type duties, or virtual inspections for
Construction & Completions processes.

Vendor Carry over & Punchlist Management

With some build schedules and project specific recovery plans, there is sometimes quite a lot of Vendor Coordination & Carry Over Scope that physically and contractually must be completed but cannot be completed in the original contractual location.

Our personnel and completions system have experience in managing this. On one successful project 50,000+ carry over punch-list items were documented, systemised, resourced and planned without impact to the field final departure date.

SSOW (Safe System Of Work)

Our services cover Construction Supervision, Safety & Inspections. Safety management competency is all important, having a secure Permit to Work System and competent isolation authorities works, to secure a safe system of work on site.

Construction, Completions and Commissioning

The Construction, Completions and Commissioning Procedures that we provide, are integrated and driven from the design requirements, performance standards and the completions philosophy for the project. This leads to a Safe & Quality Integrated Handover.


The Commissioning scope of our services is based on resources and procedures. Our resources cover Equipment, Tools, Software Systems, Managers, Engineers, Supervision, Technicians and SSOW operations.

We provide turnkey commissioning services covering handover, precom, dynamic and performance commissioning. We provide 3rd party equipment & services through our frame agreements and internal group supply.

Our Commissioning Process has activity allocations (Precom ITR’s) based on project design standards and are written up in system and multisystem dynamic & performance commissioning procedures. We provide a bespoke Completions & Commissioning Manual and Commissioning Procedures as part of our commissioning package.

Software Systems

These bespoke products can be used separately under a configuration & rental agreement or incorporated as a one off payment or an integrated delivery price. These cover Planning, Completions (Handover) System, Safe System Of Work and Request For Inspections.

Other services

Additional Resources that are available cover Temporary Equipment, Materials & Personnel.

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