Iris Tube Inspections

Inspection Services

WSG Energy Services have the latest in technology for tube examinations and can carry out both UT and Eddy Current examination methods on tube bundles.

IRIS Tube Inspections

WSG can inspect heat exchangers, boilers and fin fan cooler tubes. Smaller tubing can also be inspected with micro probes.

Having a cleaning team work side by side with the inspection team ensures that the inspection data is acquired efficiently. If the tubes rust up after cleaning, the inspection is slowed down and the inspection data can be compromised.

Working with the cleaning team, if a tube in the sequence is still too dirty or has rusted up a re-clean can be quickly deployed.

Regional Contacts

Continental Europe

Harry Schepers

General Manager Industrial Services

Emmen, Netherlands

Phone +31611343471


United Kingdom

Gavin Halkett

E2E Turnkey

Great Yarmouth

Phone +44 1493 603603