Acquisition of Azoto Energy

The move marks a significant step in global expansion and enhancement of engineered nitrogen solutions.

In a strategic expansion move, WSG Energy Services (WSG) announced today the acquisition of Azoto Energy Services Ltd. (Azoto), a leading player in the engineered nitrogen pumping solutions sector in Western Canada. This acquisition aligns with WSG’s mission to broaden its global influence and enhance its offerings in the clean energy infrastructure.

The acquisition brings together Azoto’s specialized regional expertise and exemplary safety record with WSG’s robust global resources and innovative capabilities. This union is set to transform the nitrogen pumping industry, elevating service standards and operational efficiencies.

Customers of Azoto Energy will now enjoy a broader spectrum of cutting-edge nitrogen solutions, backed by WSG’s global network. This merger promises enhanced service delivery, reliability, and safety, reaffirming our commitment to providing unparalleled value and excellence.

For employees, this acquisition opens a new chapter of career development and growth opportunities. WSG and Azoto are committed to nurturing a dynamic, inclusive work environment, ensuring job security, and fostering professional advancement.

Vendors and partners will experience expanded collaboration and market access opportunities. This strategic move enables deeper partnerships and extends our shared reach into new markets, solidifying our position as industry innovators.

Andrew Burrell, Group CEO of WSG Energy Services, stated, ‘This acquisition is a testament to our commitment to leading the industry in clean energy services. We are excited to integrate Azoto’s expertise with our global resources to set new standards in service and innovation. Our combined efforts will focus on creating sustainable value for our customers, employees, and stakeholders.’

WSG Energy Services continues to drive innovation and excellence in the clean energy sector. This acquisition is a strategic step towards our vision of global leadership and service excellence in the industry.

Davina Symonds

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